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The best tests on the market, simplified and translated meaningfully, with commission on every purchase.

GI Pro Essential Gut Health Test

Gain insights into your gut microbiome and digestive function with our Essential Gut Health Test.

GI Pro Advanced Gut Health Test

Test for bacteria, yeasts, parasites, H. pylori, inflammation, functional digestive biomarkers and zonulin.

GI Pro Ultimate Gut Health Test

Everything in the Advanced Gut Health Test plus additional pathogenic bacteria and helminths.

Liver Profile

This easy to implement finger prick test will measure how well the liver is functioning overall.

Mycobiome Candida Profile

This simple at-home stool test gives an accurate insight into whether there is evidence of candida, using qPCR technology.

Kidney Profile

This easy-to-implement finger prick test will measure how well the kidneys are functioning overall.

Vitamin D Test

This finger prick test will measure 25-hydroxy vitamin D, the main circulating form of vitamin D.

Advanced Iron Profile

This test assesses iron, folate and hormonal levels, to identify the possible reasons for low energy.

Essential Iron Profile

This finger prick test will help you assess iron deficiency anaemia or iron overload (hemochromatosis).

Thyroid Profile With Antibodies

This test is a valuable tool to assess thyroid health and the hormones and antibodies associated with it.

Advanced Thyroid Plus Iron Profile

Understand thyroid health and iron levels, and identify possible causes of fatigue and thyroid dysfunction.

Cholesterol Lipid Profile

This finger prick test will measure the level of cholesterol and other lipids in the blood.

Male Andropause Profile

This Male Andropause Profile is a helpful way to gain insight into men’s hormones.

Pre & Post Menopause Profile

This test is a helpful way to gain insight into women’s hormones.

Comprehensive Female Hormone Profile

Gain insight into your hormonal health with our Comprehensive Female Hormone Profile.

Amenorrhea Profile

This Amenorrhea Profile helps to investigate possible hormonal causes of the loss of menstruation.

SIBO Breath Test

A lactulose breath test to investigate hydrogen- and methane-dominant SIBO.

Functional Markers Test

Assess the activity of functional markers with this simple stool test.

Parasite Panel

Assess potential gastric parasites with this simple stool test.

Parasites, Worms & Microsporidia Test

Assess potential gastric parasites, worms and microsporidia with this simple stool test.

Worms & Microsporidia Panel

Assess potential gastric worms and microsporidia with this simple stool test.

Adrenal Cortisol/DHEA Test

Test cortisol awakening response, diurnal cortisol and DHEA to understand stress levels.

Food IgG Finger Prick Test 40+

The 40+ Food Test is perfect if you’re just curious to see how you react to food.

Food IgG Finger Prick Test Vegetarian 160+

The Vegetarian 160+ Test is ideal for those suffering from severe, multiple or consistent reactions, who have a vegetarian diet.

Food IgG Finger Prick Test 200+

The 200+ Food Test is our most extensive food test, ideal if you have consistent, multiple or severe reactions to food.

Food IgG Finger Prick Test Vegan 150+

The 150+ Vegan Food Test is ideal if you have consistent, multiple or severe reactions and have a vegan diet.

Food IgG Finger Prick Test 120+

The 120+ Food Test is ideal if you have consistent, multiple or severe reactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Healthpath Pro cost?

Healthpath Pro is free, and allows you to earn a commission on tests and supplements, or share that commission easily with your clients.

How does Healthpath Pro create a great experience for my clients?

Healthpath Pro gives you access to beautifully crafted protocols and resources via your online, branded clinic.

Your clients can order and track advanced tests and supplements recommended by you, through our marketplace and get scientifically backed food plans, designed by us, chosen by you.

You have a 100+ strong library of hand-crafted resources, white labelled and available for your use. Our library include client handouts and videos, and food and lifestyle recommendations which can be simply added to your report at the click of a button.

Do I get a discount or earn a commission on tests and supplements?

Yes, with Healthpath Pro you can earn recurring revenues. Earn a 20% commission on every test and supplement purchased, both of which can be shared in total or partly with your clients.

Remember your clients can opt to use our interest-free payments. We cover the cost of this, usually around 5% of the purchase. This makes tests and supplements more affordable and increases compliance with your health plans.

Does Healthpath Pro help me interpret lab tests?

Healthpath Pro makes it easier to interpret tests – taking complex data and making it user friendly. Not needing to look at each test marker and figure out what it means, Healthpath Pro provides a translation that makes it easier for you and your clients.

You can also book a call to talk through your test. Our clinical team are here to guide you, helping you to create health plans that really work.

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