The future of personalised medicine

We believe that every client’s health journey is unique.

So, we’re building an ecosystem that enables health professionals and their clients to access personalised medicine, through one pioneering technology.

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From Healthpath to Healthpath Pro

Healthpath Pro was created following the success of Healthpath—a platform built for people with
low complexity, common IBS symptoms.

By weaving together the threads of personalised medicine, our mission is to make digital-first care more cost effective,
convenient and accessible for all. Our first-of-its-kind platform is designed to empower practitioners with a full breadth
of tools, products and services to cater for all their client’s needs.

Who is Healthpath Pro built for?

We support health professionals to deliver personalised care across a range of industries.

Nutritionists & Dieticians

Deliver better health outcomes for your clients with access to tools, resources, products, support and services.

Private GP’s

Get detailed diagnostics about patient health through cutting-edge convenient at-home tests.

Private Hospitals

Get industry-leading tests, support and interpretation of test results, all with the best possible margins.

Clinical Trials

Access advanced diagnostic tests and reduce time and hassle for clinical trial participants and researchers.

NHS Trusts

Gain insights into your patients health and monitor chronic gastrointestinal conditions like IBS and SIBO.

Corporate Health

Reduce absence, tackle sickness and improve employee wellbeing with solutions tailored to your business.

Join Healthpath Pro

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How Healthpath Pro helps practitioners

We help practitioners save time, learn more, get results and earn more, through one innovative platform.

1 hour consultation = hours of admin

Practitioners tell us that for every hour in front of a client, 5 further hours are spent behind the scenes on admin and research.

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The tidal wave of support

If you’re not answering endless queries, you’re chasing labs, interpreting test results or scrabbling to create yet another handout.

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Practice management is expensive

Finding the right technologies to run your clinic and support your clients is challenging. You need easy-to-use, cost effective tools that just work.

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There is another way

  • Industry-leading test, supplement and lifestyle marketplace
  • Ready-made food plans and client resources, created for you
  • Easy-to-use, practice management tools
  • A health plan builder that saves you time and effort
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