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For your clients, you can choose from our tests, supplements, food plans, educational resources and split payments.

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For your business, you can make the most of our online dashboard, education, practice management tools and practitioner community—while earning commission.

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Whether you're just starting out, or running a busy and successful practice, we've got you covered

Inspiring reports

Forget pouring through data and interpretation guides—our pioneering technology turns lab results into easy-to-understand reports.

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Professional supplements

Create a supplement plan in a few clicks, from our wide range of professional-grade supplements, and earn commission at the same time.

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Client resources

Help your client turn results into action, with our ready-made resources on a range of topics on physical and emotional health plus lifestyle guidance.

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Food plans

Choose from our library of evidence-based meal plans, and save time with ready-made shopping lists, recommended foods and recipes.

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Practice management

Manage all your client conversations, bookings, consultations, online forms, invoicing and more, in one seamless experience.


Interest-free payments

Make testing more accessible for your clients, by giving them the option to split the cost with our interest-free installments.

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Education and support

Develop your knowledge with in-depth articles and webinars, and support with test results and protocols from our team.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Healthpath Pro cost?

Healthpath Pro is free, and allows you to earn a commission on tests and supplements, or share that commission easily with your clients.

How does Healthpath Pro create a great experience for my clients?

Healthpath Pro gives you access to beautifully crafted protocols and resources via your online, branded clinic.

Your clients can order and track advanced tests and supplements recommended by you, through our marketplace and get scientifically backed food plans, designed by us, chosen by you.

You have a 100+ strong library of hand-crafted resources, white labelled and available for your use. Our library include client handouts and videos, and food and lifestyle recommendations which can be simply added to your report at the click of a button.

Do I get a discount or earn a commission on tests and supplements?

Yes, with Healthpath Pro you can earn recurring revenues. Earn a 20% commission on every test and supplement purchased, both of which can be shared in total or partly with your clients.

Remember your clients can opt to use our interest-free payments. We cover the cost of this, usually around 5% of the purchase. This makes tests and supplements more affordable and increases compliance with your health plans.

Does Healthpath Pro help me interpret lab tests?

Healthpath Pro makes it easier to interpret tests – taking complex data and making it user friendly. Not needing to look at each test marker and figure out what it means, Healthpath Pro provides a translation that makes it easier for you and your clients.

You can also book a call to talk through your test. Our clinical team are here to guide you, helping you to create health plans that really work.

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