Mycobiome Candida Profile

This simple at-home stool test gives an accurate insight into whether there is evidence of candida, using qPCR technology.



About the test

This straightforward stool test is a simple way to assess the candida profile within an individual’s gastrointestinal tract.

Candida can be the cause of many symptoms and conditions, but it can’t be identified through these alone, as the symptoms are so varied and extensive. It can be linked to many things from bloating and indigestion, to chronic fatigue syndrome and arthritis, so testing is a vital step to identify candida accurately.

This test can be performed as an initial test or as a retest panel after a comprehensive stool test such as the GI Pro Ultimate Gut Test. If candida is suspected, it is often recommended to perform a stool test first, to assess the overall health of the gut along with the presence of candida. 



8 - 10 working days
Stool test
Biovis Ltd


Mycobiome: Relevant Yeasts

Candida albicans (CA)
Candida krusei (CK)
Candida glabrata (CG)
Candida dubliniensis (CD)
Candida parapsilosis (CP)
Candida tropicalis (CTp)
Candida lusitaniae (CL)