Mercury Tri Test

The Mercury Tri Test analyses hair, blood and urine to assess the accumulation of mercury within the body, the source of exposure, and the body’s ability to excrete mercury.



About the test

The Mercury Tri Test assesses the burden of mercury on the body, as well as how efficiently the body can excrete mercury, and the source of mercury exposure.

There are two different types of mercury; one is inorganic mercury, and the other is methylmercury. Both come from different sources, and the Mercury Tri Test measures levels of each type to identify the source of mercury exposure.

The Mercury Tri Test does this by analysing samples of blood, urine, and hair. Blood samples indicate how much mercury is in the body, urine samples indicate the body’s ability to excrete inorganic mercury, and hair samples indicate the body’s ability to excrete methylmercury.

This test is recommended for those who suspect they may have mercury toxicity, due to things such as amalgam dental fillings, consumption of fish and/or shellfish containing methylmercury, or exposure to products containing mercury.

This test requires a blood sample via a blood draw procedure, which must be performed by a doctor or phlebotomist. To book a blood draw, please see ‘Find a blood draw’ at It also requires a urine sample taken first thing in the morning, and a hair sample.

Disclaimer: This test is only available through a Healthpath Pro practitioner.



28 working days from sample receipt at lab (USA)
Regenerus Laboratories
Urine analysis, Blood analysis, Hair analysis



Methylmercury - MeHg
Inorganic Mercury Hg2
Sum - HgT