Glutathione; Erythrocytes

Assess and support levels of glutathione within cells to support optimal health and detoxification.



About the test

The Glutathione; Erythrocytes test identifies levels of glutathione (GHS) within erythrocytes to provide an accurate indication of intracellular GSH levels, overall cellular health and the ability to properly carry out detoxification of toxic metals and chemicals.

Low levels of glutathione have been associated with many health conditions, so it is important to be able to accurately identify these levels and form useful health interventions.

Some examples of the problems associated with low glutathione levels are chronic retention of toxic metals and chemicals, as well cardiovascular disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, autism and alcoholism. Once identified, low levels of glutathione can be addressed via nutritional interventions to increase them to a healthy level. An appropriate level of glutathione within cells is important for protecting cells, and contributing to overall health and longevity.

This test requires a blood sample via a blood draw, which must be performed by a doctor or phlebotomist. To book a blood draw, please see ‘Find a blood draw’ at

Please note, the price of this test includes sample shipping to Regenerus UK for processing (then forwarded to Doctor’s Data in the USA for analysis).

Disclaimer: This test is only available through a Healthpath Pro practitioner.



12 working days (from sample receipt at US lab)
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