Comprehensive Melatonin Profile

This Comprehensive Melatonin Profile measures the circadian secretion patterns of melatonin, identifying abnormal levels that may be related to physical and psychological symptoms.



About the test

This Comprehensive Melatonin Profile analyses melatonin levels throughout the course of a 24 hour period to identify any imbalances. Melatonin influences the circadian rhythm by regulating sleep time and duration, as well as many more physical and psychological processes.

Melatonin helps to regulate body temperature, cardiovascular function, hormones, immune function and more. Abnormal levels can influence conditions such as sleep disorders, mental disorders (such as depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)), menstrual irregularities and multiple sclerosis.

Identifying imbalances of melatonin can help identify root causes of health problems, to influence useful health and lifestyle interventions.

You must collect three samples taken in the morning (7-9am), the afternoon (3-5pm) and early the following morning (2.30-3.30am). This will evaluate melatonin activity throughout a complete light-dark cycle.

Please note, the price of this test includes a DHL home collection and shipping to Genova in the USA where the samples are processed.



21 days from sample receipt at lab (USA)
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